WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Hyppe Max Flow ROG | 2500 Puffs |




Easily the best disposable on the market. Introducing 16 new Hyppe max flow rog2500 flavours which are equipped with adjustable airflow, this bad boy can churn out up to 2500 puffs. A little smoke break is an easy way to enjoy your time and this Hyppe Max Flow ROG 2500 is just one of the necessary items to enjoy life. This will take your disposable vape experience to the next level and delivers rivalling flavour without the added hustle and bustle. Featured on the device is a bottom adjustable airflow control ring that comes pre-charged and pre-filled with 5% salt nicotine.


  • Banana Freeze - A super creamy and freezing flavour that delivers a smooth consistency of hard banana flavour. This is definitely going to fill your mouth with the goodness of bananas.
  • Blue Gummy- A harmonious blend of blue gummies that is going to bring out the taste of sweet and sour blue gummies. If you are obsessed with the taste of gummies, this is the flavour for you.
  • Blue Razz - Who doesn’t love the tropical blend of blueberries and watermelons. Smooth and juicy with the right consistency. It really has a smoothie bowl finish.
  • Lush Freeze - A must try flavour that delivers satisfaction to perfection. Juicy and icy with the right consistency of flavour. Plus, the taste of watermelon blends in so perfectly.
  • Lychee Plum - As described on the pod, lychees and plumsblended to perfection adding a dash of mint for a cooling sensation, and what a fantastic combination it is.
  • Mamba - Creating the best unique blend of lemon, raspberries, oranges, strawberries, sour lemons and apples that delivers a sophisticated taste and in no means disappointment.
  • Mighty Mint - A little different from the regular mint flavour that kicks the throat just right with a soothing menthol taste, fantastic aromas and fabulous clouds.
  • Mojito Plum - Need a mocktail to refresh your mind. Mojito Plumhas all the splendid blend of mojito taste with mint leaves and plum juice. It is a higher quality pod that isn’t seen anywhere else.
  • Naked - A carefully crafted flavour thinking about pleasing the most demanding palates. Trying this e-liquid is like drinking a natural juice made on time. Simplicity and subtlety will lead you to a unique experience.
  • Peach Freeze - Do you seek perfection in fruity flavours? Peach freeze is a way to go as it is crafted with love and perfection for the most enthusiast vapers.
  • Red Energy - Hand check, the red energy juice by Hyppe Max Flow ROG 2500 is killer. Tastes like a bottle of energy drink that will eliminate all your stress away.
  • Strawberry Banana - A smooth blend of strawberries and bananasthat will fill your mouth with the fruity blend. The trip hit has got me floating in a nice space.
  • Strawberry Freeze - Freezing does not roll, something in stores is very fresh and expensive. Delicious liquid helps out always and strawberry freeze is an example of the same.
  • Strawberry Gummy - Perfect line for those who are tired of creamy confectionary combinations. It has a sugar blend of strawberries and a tarty blend of gummies.
  • Watermelon Plum - A new obsession vape that is going to hit your throat like no other flavour. Watermelon plus has a high sweetness on inhaling and light on exhale.