WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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MYLE the brand has stormed onto the scene to challenge the positioning of the JUUL. How does it stack against the JUUL? Pretty well but is it the JUUL killer everyone is looking for,  well that depends on what they have in the pipeline for their pods. Before we go further let’s take a look at what this pod mod system features.



  • Easy To Use – Plug pod into the device and start vaping
  • Easy To Charge – USB Charging Doc Included
  • MYLE Pod Capacity (0.9ml – 5% nicotine by volume – Not Included)
  • Battery Life LED Indicator
  • 240 mAh Internal Battery


Honestly the MYLE to me personally just feels better in the hand and feels much more durable than a JUUL. While it does use a required charger to charge via USB much like the JUUL the connector pins seem much  more sturdy than those of the original JUUL. It is feather levels of light and considerably slimmer than the JUUL even if it is taller. For those who like me have lost a JUUL this is a good feature because it is harder to not spot but for those who love stealth vaping it will stick a little bit out of your hands. The 240 mAh internal battery which is a tad bit lower than the JUUL but the battery seems to be more efficient thus lasting longer than the JUUL. Perhaps this is due to the difference in coil resistance between the two pod options or simply that the MYLE system is better optimized to the battery. In either case with the same vaping habits and schedule the MYLE outlasted the JUUL in battery life for me.

Flavor Pods

The pods for the MYLE system feature 0.9ml of juice, where as the JUUL pods offer 0.7 and while the prices are the same at $15.99 the MYLE pods generally offer better flavor. Side by side the MYLE Tropical Mango Pods and the JUUL Mango Pods offer two different experience. The former providing more fruitiness while the latter producing a harder throat hit. One major difference in the pod experience here is the MYLE gives me a nicotine buzz while the JUUL does not. You feel the nicotine hit considerably more with the MYLE pods and that’s something many pod mod users look for when picking their device.  The only part here that is a win for the JUUL is the chain vaping capabilities between the two, the MYLE pods require you let them sit a bit every three to four puffs whereas the JUUL can be continually vaped, this could just be this batch of pods or an ongoing issue so I will have to update this post when I get some replacements delivered and test them out.


Overall the MYLE to me is a better product and has a lot more promise than the JUUL, both are closed loop systems but only one of these brands is working with ejuice makers to bring their lines to the pods. Already we see a relationship with VGOD to bring the Cubano line to MYLE. While JUUL has elected to try to re-invent the wheel and release a new flavor here or there. So is this thing the JUUL killer? Not yet but if JUUL does not seriously step up their game they may find themselves losing market-share and playing second fiddle to the MYLE. Dollar for dollar as it stands right now the MYLE is a better purchase and one that will last longer without the hardware failure rate of the JUUL and one with a promising future of pods. Unlike the JUUL finding this and it’s pods online is not hard to do and the brand does not have as restrictive guideline for who can sell the product and where it can be sold. So JUUL I hope you are reading because we finally get a pod mod that may force you to fix your issues and re-examine your strategies.

April 03, 2018 by Vape Official